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HomesForAll Nashville - Help us hire an organizer!

$2,718.00 raised
GOAL: $13,000.00

Nashville is booming but not for everyone. While Nashville's recent growth has put our city on the map in new ways, it has also forced many working class residents out of their homes and out of the county. While the lack of accessible housing has impacted tens of thousands of Nashvillians, we know that renters have been hit particularly hard. In the past five years, we've seen average rent rates almost double, a massive selloff of affordable apartment stock to high end investment firms, and more and more reports of slum landlords who threaten tenants with eviction when they ask for basic repairs to be done.

Who we are/What we do:

HomesForAll Nashville is a community association dedicated to ending displacement by building the organizing capacity of working-class renters in Davidson Co., Tennessee. As tenants, we believe that the best way to make sure that our rights are protected and that we don't get displaced from our homes, is to work together. When faced with rising rents or unfair treatment, there is often little to be done individually. But when tenants organize with their neighbors to push for their rights and needs together, there is power to create change.  

  • Tenant Unions - We offer facilitation, organizing support and leadership development to tenants who are interested in building their own resident organizations. 
  • Eviction Defense - We offer limited organizing support for tenant groups faced with immediate crisis related to no-cause eviction (ex: tenants facing lease non-renewals, displacement to unreasonable rent hike etc). In these cases, we can help provide advice and facilitation for tenants who wish to attempt negotiations with their landlord.
  • Education - We seek to raise public consciousness of tenant issues through public education, media campaigns, meeting with city officials and other forms of public engagement.

What are we fundraising for?

With the increasing number of calls for organizing support, our small team of volunteer/in-kind organizers are functioning beyond capacity. HomesForAll is in desperate need of a dedicated staff person to aid in on-the-ground organizing and communications. We are so thrilled to be hiring Kennetha Patterson! ...but we need YOUR help reach our fundraising goal!


About Kennetha: A native of Nashville, Kennetha and her family were displaced from the the Park at Hillside apartment complex in early 2016. Kennetha became an active participant in the struggle for fair housing and economic justice through her volunteer efforts with HomesForAll and her own family-focused women’s support group, VisionHeirs. She, along with a handful of other residents were instrumental in securing 58 units of affordable housing in an upcoming development in the Edgehill neighborhood. She was a founding SC member of H4A Nashville, helped start the organizing efforts at the Park at Hillside apartments and co-led the I’ve Been Displaced in 615 media campaign. She has over 7 years experience in communications, is a natural organizer and is a trusted voice in the community.

How funds* will be used:

  • 80% will go towards hiring Kennetha Patterson as a new organizer and communications support
  • 10% will go towards events and trainings
  • 10% will be set aside for direct financial assistance for member tenant unions 

*All donations will be managed by our fiscal sponsor, the Right to the City Alliance 


What our partners and tenant leaders are saying:

“We can’t speak highly enough of the Homes for All organization that gave us the impetus to go forward... [Our tenant union] has given me a platform to voice my concerns. I can speak from a collective with others in my community who share my plight.” -Toni Smith, Park at Hillside Tenant Association

“Legally, there was very little we could do to negotiate or change the situation. Having HomesForAll come in to assist residents in getting media attention and getting the story out so that the rest of the community was educated about what was going on really had a tremendous impact.” -Catherine Knowles, MNPS HERO program

“When we come together our voices are actually heard. We came together because we were struggling together. If one person didn’t have a house, the other one didn’t either.” -Nasteho Abdi-Dahir, Somali Community of Middle TN

“Organizing lets [the landlord] know that you too are a union of people just like they are, not just an object that pays rent." -Kennetha Patterson, HFA Nashville volunteer organizer

“When we were standing on our own wishing there was something we could do, HomesForAll let us know that we actually could come together and do something and have a voice.” -Fatimah a-Hakam, Park at Hillside Tenant Association



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