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Nashville tenants need your support. Donate TODAY!


Thank you for supporting  the work of HomesForAll Nashville. Now, tenants need your financial support.

Nashville tenants are in the midst of the worst housing crisis in decades. 1000s of our neighbors are being pushed out of the city each year by skyrocketing rents and years-long Section 8 waiting lists. Now, more than ever, we need donations to keep building Nashville’s budding tenant movement.

Since we began in the Summer of 2016, we have operated almost entirely on a volunteer basis, and we’ve accomplished a lot with virtually no resources. To address our city’s biggest human rights crisis -- lack of affordable housing -- we need dedicated paid organizers handle the ever-growing task of coordinating these efforts. We are asking our friends and supporters to sign up as donors to help us reach our goal of hiring two organizers!


Will you become a monthly donor today?

For over a year, HomesForAll Nashville has been leading Nashville's tenant movement and shifting the public's attention to the crisis facing Nashville renters. In addition to the day-to-day fight against predatory landlords, HFAN is co-leading one of the most significant affordable housing campaigns in Nashville's recent history. HFAN joined other grassroots groups to form the People's Alliance for Transit, Housing and Employment to make sure that the Mayor's proposed $5.2 Billion transit plan doesn't result in mass displacement of poor and working class people. And we are fighting for the construction and preservation of 31,000 affordable homes!


Our victories so far…. And we’re just getting started!

With almost no funding, tenant leaders with HomesForAll Nashville have managed some amazing victories:

  • Established Nashville's first two tenant unions

  • Secured lease extensions for over 200 tenants at two flipped complexes, giving them more time to find new housing

  • Forced apartment owners to replace abusive management staff at 2 apartment complexes

  • Secured bi-lingual services at 2 apartment complexes where none existed before

  • Won major maintenance improvements at 3 apartments

  • In process of negotiating with corporate landlord to keep low-income units in a redeveloping complex

  • Coordinated “Know Your Rights” trainings with over 115 tenants

  • Brought major media attention to tenant issues throughout Nashville

  • Been featured in the press 29 times, highlighting tenant issues, helping draw major public attention to the displacement and abuse of low-income tenants

  • Walked in 3-day caravan with PATHE Coalition to expose affordable housing crisis, and continue working with other PATHE coalition members to bring issues of housing and displacement into the Mayor's transit plan


What HFAN partners and tenant leaders are saying:

“We can’t speak highly enough of the Homes for All organization that gave us the impetus to go forward... [Our tenant union] has given me a platform to voice my concerns. I can speak from a collective with others in my community who share my plight.” -Toni Smith, Park at Hillside Tenant Association

“Legally, there was very little we could do to negotiate or change the situation. Having HomesForAll come in to assist residents in getting media attention and getting the story out so that the rest of the community was educated about what was going on really had a tremendous impact.” -Catherine Knowles, MNPS HERO program

“When we come together our voices are actually heard. We came together because we were struggling together. If one person didn’t have a house, the other one didn’t either.” -Nasteho Abdi-Dahir, Somali Community of Middle TN

“Organizing lets [the landlord] know that you too are a union of people just like they are, not just an object that pays rent." -Kennetha Patterson, HFA Nashville volunteer organizer

“When we were standing on our own wishing there was something we could do, HomesForAll let us know that we actually could come together and do something and have a voice.” -Fatimah a-Hakam, Park at Hillside Tenant Association


*All donations will be managed by our fiscal sponsor, the Right to the City Alliance 




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